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Magdalen Farm



TA20 4PA


Our next course will be
from 4th to 10th April 2016

Age and Ability

Ages 9 to 16 years


Musical standard between Grade 2 to Grade 8


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Feedback from 2015

We always like to hear from both parents and participants after each course . . .

Some comments from parents . . .

I would like to thank you for the quality of experience that you gave Emily.  She was obviously nurtured musically, intellectually and emotionally during the course.  It is clear that a great deal of careful planning and thought goes into the week and the result was apparent both in the concert and the way Emily spoke of her experiences to me. So a huge thank you and see you again for the next one!

Cora absolutely loved her week at Magdalen Farm Strings.  She would definitely like to return next year and this time would like to immerse herself in the total experience and board.

She loved working with like minded students who were all keen to learn and the seriousness of the orchestra sessions, where a high standard of attentiveness was expected and given.  I asked her if there was one thing in particular she would remember about the teaching and she said that she felt that she had understood something really important during the course of the week 'that playing music was not just about being able to read the music but learning the rhythm and really feeling the music'.

Cora was especially struck by how kind the older children were to the younger ones and particularly by how generous they were with their musical knowledge.  She said that the older girl who played the viola too was incredibly kind to her and taught her a lot.  She also loved all the social aspects of the week especially all the outdoor games played in the beautiful grounds.So a huge thank you from us to all the teachers and also to the very kind house-mothers Alma and Bonnie. Cora is already looking forward to next year!

Thanks for a great week at Weycroft that Abigail really enjoyed. She managed to fill me in on pretty much everything on the way home and clearly loved the music and tutors and the friends she made as well.

I loved seeing a bit of everything in the concert too and was really impressed with the range of music they’d been learning – the choir singing was lovely - very confident with some challenging music. It was lovely to meet everyone - tutors/helpers/parents - at the concert and lunch.


Serena has been regaling us with enthusiastic reports about the strings course. We are so delighted that she found the music so inspiring, after years of not playing with other string players, and we really want to thank you so much for the week she spent. It seems to have been tremendous fun all the time and we are so grateful to you and your marvellous team. Please do pass on our appreciation to everyone. She was so fortunate to have such excellent tutors, and for us it has been more than we expected or hoped for.


A HUGE thank you for laying on such a fantastic course for our kids last week.  I cannot begin to describe just how much Rudyard enjoyed himself!  He has been talking about it nonstop - who everybody was, what games were played, the foaming soap, the delicious food, the toaster, all the different music sessions, the butterfly farm, the jokes, how nice the teenagers were, the entertainment evenings etc...I didn't realise that teenagers could actually be that kind and helpful - a special thanks to Alma and Bonnie (and Charlie and Patrick).You obviously have something really quite magical and special - it felt like joining a big happy family for a wonderful week. Rudyard is already begging to come again next year!

Thank you so much for putting on such a marvellous music camp. They absolutely loved it, and came back bubbling over with stories from the week. They were delighted by the whole thing, loving every aspect from the music to the social side, the dorms, the games, the trips, but most of all the new friends they made.

And from some of the participants . . .

Once again, thank you so much for putting on a brilliant Magdalen Farm Strings course. The changed venue was great, and I really enjoyed having the course at Weycroft Hall; some of the afternoon and evening activities were really fun. All the teaching staff are excellent, and I can't wait for next year's course. Patrick, 14


I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed Magdalen Farm Strings 2015. My favourite bit of the week was the Talent was really funny! My other things were choir, chamber groups, playing in the orchestra and afternoon activities. I loved going to the Butterfly Farm, there were some truly amazing butterflies there. Dalcroze was also really fun. I think it has improved my rhythm a lot. Thank you so much for looking after me on this amazing string course. I am really hoping to go again next year. Emily, 11.


Thank you a lot for the music course. It was epic! I really enjoyed the whole thing and I'm looking forward to next year already! It was so fun. It's nice to be back at Glory Farm but I do miss you. I think the photos are brill!. Celeste, 8


Thank you so much for Magdalen Farm Strings. I really enjoyed being by myself and without my teachers or parents bossing me around.....It was so lucky that the weather was nice. The dorms were really nice too. Sarah, I think you picked our activities really well. I really enjoyed them all. I thought the Butterfly Farm was well worth the drive. I thought he had an amazing imagination. Polly, you are a brilliant conductor. I really enjoyed having you for my orchestra. You're also good at warm ups and choir. I thoroughly enjoyed them.
Alma and Bonnie. I thought you were brilliant house mums. You handle small children really well. My sister was really happy. I think you're very kind and fun. Harlan, 11


I feel I got a great deal out of Magdalen Farm Strings this year, especially the music. Brigid is great; she improved my playing and so many others so much. She always has something useful and encouraging to say, and she's very funny. I also really appreciated the Dalcroze with Lucinda. It's fun and it improves your musicality and timing. One of the things I most enjoyed this year was the chamber music. I was in a group of high standard players and I think I really learnt to listen to others when I am playing. Poppy, 12

And, finally, from a participant's teacher

Cora came back to school after her first Magdalen Farm strings experience a different player. She was oozing with confidence and her sight reading had improved enormously. Her watching and listening skills are now much better after the week of coaching. We hope some more of our pupils will attend next year. Thank you Magdalen Farm Strings!
Rachel Greenwood, Strings teacher, Perrott Hill School.