Course Information


Magdalen Farm Winsham


TA20 4PA

01460 30144


Our next course is from 11th to 17th April 2014

Age and Ability

Ages 9 to 15 years


Musical standard between Grade 3 to Grade 8


Feedback from 2013

We always like to hear from both parents and participants after each course . . .

Todd really enjoyed the course and would like to go again next year. He says that he really enjoyed the chamber music, being in smaller groups, and doing a bit less in the senior orchestra. He seemed to come back enthused, as he did last year, and although he had a bit of a wobble in the first couple of days, there was no sign of that at all when we picked him up. In terms of other activities, he also really enjoyed 'Capture the flag', thought the orienteering could have been a bit more challenging (noted!), and liked cooking rock cakes. I really enjoyed the concert - I think the variety of music and dance etc produced after just a week was amazing and it was great fun to be there. I didn't think it was too long. It's such a great opportunity for the children to experience and enjoy new musical opportunities. Thanks again for providing such a great week for Todd! 

I had a great time! The chamber music and the Colin Matthews I enjoyed the best while "Friday Afternoons" (Choir) was a light-hearted breath of fresh air. I liked the activities (including the time I went on my espionage mission in Capture the Flag that failed) and I'm only annoyed with the fact that I wasn't able to take my dreamcatcher and my chocolate back! Finally, I liked all of the tutors, especially Polly and Brigid.
Joel, 12

Holly certainly blossomed in confidence this year at Magdalen Farm Strings and we were so pleased that she managed to board for the week. She very much enjoyed being there and has made another lovely group of friends. She has come back with a positive attitude towards classical music again, which I feared she had lost due to her previous Violin teacher. A huge thank you for inspiring her again.
Apparently the best yet. 

Patrick has said that he would definitely like to go to Magdalen again next year.  Thank you for giving them such a wonderful  time once again. 

Ella absolutely loved the week. She really liked doing the chamber music and having the opportunity to work in small groups as well as larger and her cello playing really improved during the time she was at Magdalen. I can't tell you what a lovely thing this course is for Ella - it really, really inspires her and she loves everyone there - both teachers and other children. 

I found Magdalen really fun and all the people were very friendly. You get to know people a lot more (even the people you already knew)! The music part was really good fun, and, even if it was hard, in the week you improved a lot. The Evening activities were all exciting and the Talent show was very amusing. The concert at the end was not as hard as I thought it would be
Alicia, 11

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and everyone at Magdalen for such a great year! I had a really fun time and feel I have improved loads on the cello! I enjoyed every minute of it and really miss Magdalen and everyone there. Hopefully I can come back next year!

Just to thank you again for organising another Strings Week and to say how much the girls enjoyed it and how good it is for their musical advancement. Once again they have the wind in their sails and I will try to keep it that way. It makes such a difference.

Thank you so much for allowing me to come on the 2013 course. I hugely enjoyed it. As always, the outdoors activities were brilliant, especially Capture the Flag in the woods at the end of the week. The teaching was brilliant, and Brigid was a fantastic conductor,
both for the senior orchestra and the full orchestra. Polly coached the choir brilliantly, and all the tutors made great contributions to what was an excellent final concert. Thank you very much, and I am already hoping to return next year
Patrick, 12